The Road to Wellness

Overall health and wellness is so much more than just what you eat and how you exercise. In my practice, I coach clients to not only eat more healthily and sweat more often, but also coach them on how to stress less, sleep better, nurture relationships and love more. I base this coaching off of two concepts: primary foods and bio-individuality. These both lead to better overall health and wellness. 

Primary Foods

Superior health is built on healthy relationships, love, spirituality, careers and physical activity. When I coach clients, I focus on primary foods first, followed by nutritional theory and bio-individuality.



I believe that diets should be based on the individual and not on the theory. I work with clients on the fundamentals that I believe lead to the highest quality of health and wellness while taking into account gender, age, race, blood type, activity level, religion and so much more. The individual always comes first.