Get that booty, those abs and arms super toned with this full body weight lifting workout

This workout emphasizes super heavy weight at low rep. It’s great to throw 1-2 of these types of workouts in to your routine per week because it really shocks your body. Trust me, you’ll be feeling this for a couple of days!

Warm up:

3-5 minutes on rowing machine or treadmill
10 squats, split squats and push-ups twice through    
10-15 jumps. Jump as high and as hard as you can 10-15 times. 
1-2 sets of 3-5 heavy deadlifts to get you really warmed up. 

Complex #1: Deadlifts and Pull Ups    

5 rounds on 3 minutes– Alternate between deadlifts and pull-ups

2 deadlifts (heavy)

2-3 pull-ups (these should be really hard)

Complex #2: Front Squats and Push Ups

4 sets on 3 minutes- Alternate between front squats and push-ups

3 front squats (heavy and low)

5 push-ups (weighted if you can)

Complex #3: Tabata Finisher

Repeat entire thing 4x for a total of 4 minutes

20 seconds vertical jump

10 seconds rest

20 seconds plank

10 seconds rest

Cool Down!