So, last night my brother-in-law was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the fifth round, woohoo!!! Naturally, it was time to party and drink lots of margaritas! Before I know that I'm going to be drinking or eating something not so healthy food (which yes, I do LOVE to do!) I eat a tablespoon of umeboshi plum. 

Umeboshi is a japanese plumb known for its powerful alkalizing effect on the body. The plumb is wonderful at neutralizing fatigue, promoting digestion and eliminating toxins from the body, making it a powerful hangover remedy! Take a tablespoon or so before you head out for a large meal or drinks and then take another tablespoon before you go to bed. Hangover, CURED! Just a word of warning, it's not the best tasting stuff in the world. I normally chase it with some tea or a tasty beverage so that I taste as little of the umeboshi as possible. It's definitely worth it though! 

You can find umeboshi at Whole Foods Market in the Japanese food section or order it online from a variety of online markets.