As a Health Coach and Personal Trainer, the nutrition choices that I make are about so much more than what will give me "the perfect body". Quite frankly, the perfect body is not what I'm really after anymore. Sure, I want a toned physique and strong arms but not at the expense of my energy, happiness and enjoyment of life's pleasures. So this week, I've created this blog post on my 4 favorite nutrients for my team over at Mint Studios!

When I look at food and nutrition, instead of looking at calories (and just a side note ladies, lets all just stop counting calories now okay, it's so old school and does more harm than good), I think about what that food is actually going to do for my body. Is it going to help me think more clearly and therefore perform better in my daily meetings? Will it help me feel stronger in my workout? Will I feel bloated and terrible after I eat this or will I feel light, energetic and refreshed? These are questions that I encourage you to start asking yourself before your next meal. 

The 4 nutrients that I list below are ingredients that I look to include into as many meals as possible. They are performance enhancers meaning they help me get the very most out of my day. 

Turmeric is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory agents out there. When you decrease inflammation in your body you will begin to notice that you have more energy, think more clearly, shed pounds easily and also sleep better. Try adding turmeric to eggs in the morning or even sprinkle some in your afternoon tea with a little bit of coconut oil. Since there are so many inflammatory foods out there (think sugar especially), adding turmeric into your diet daily will do magic for you!

This stuff is pure gold. Coconut oil is packed full of healthy fats that give me plenty of brain power throughout the day, sets my metabolism on fire and also helps aid in digestion. I'll either stir it into my coffee in the morning, use it as the oil base for a stir fry or sometimes, I'll just eat a spoonful of it. Coconut oil is also a natural anti-bacterial so if you feel a cold coming on it can help fight it!

I drink Kombucha several times per week if not nearly every day. This tasty drink does more than just balance our your gut with rich probiotics. Kombucha is also an adaptogen which means it normalizes and balances the entire body rather than just focusing on one organ or system. So what does this mean for you? It means that kombucha helps remove free radicals from your body making it a sound way to detox, increase energy and stamina and reduce sugar cravings. It's a win win! Just look for bottles that have less than 8g of sugar. 

Alright so this one might sound a little weird but let me explain. Ashawaganda is an adaptogenic herb that helps modulate your response to stress or a changing environment. In Sanskrit, Ashawaganda means 'the smell of a horse,' meaning it imparts the strength and spirit of a stallion (no, you won't smell like a horse when you start to take it). So, if you've got a lot of stress and moving pieces in your life, this herb is definitely going to help support you. I buy it in liquid form and add a few drops to water or tea in the morning and evening to help ease my anxiety and set my focus. You can find it at Whole Foods or buy it online at Thrive Market. 


xo Darby