Most of the time when I see the word detox, I cringe a little bit. The word is associated with a lot of negative feelings like struggle, restriction and hunger, to name a few. For that reason, I like to use the word 'jumpstart'. To me jumpstart means focusing my attention on all of the wonderful, healing rituals and foods that I can add into my life rather than what I should be taking away. 

So today, I want to draw attention to 5 ways that I jumpstart my body when I'm feeling groggy, bogged down or sluggish. This normally happens after a weekend filled with a little bit too much fun (aka wine and pizza), major stress or not enough sleep. I love to give my body a jumpstart because it puts me back in tune with what I really need to focus and perform at my best.

Top 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Body and Mind ::

1. Write Your List :: I always begin a jumpstart with a list of things I'd like to accomplish. Whether I'm looking to do a 3 day jumpstart or focus on a whole month, I always want to make sure that I'm focused on my goals. It's important to remember that a jumpstart isn't just about a number on a scale. In fact, I almost never shoot to "lose weight" during a jumpstart; it's normally just a bi-product of hitting my other goals. For instance, I normally focus on 1-2 fitness related goals like improving my mile time, getting to more barre classes or adding in one more pull up. Then, I make 1-2 nutrition related goals. Again, these are inclusive goals like a promise to include a healthy fat at every meal, drink kombucha instead of wine or enjoy a meal out only once per week. Lastly, I focus on 1-2 self healing goals. Self healing goals are things that I know truly make me feel good. So, I'll promise to get to the sauna 4 days per week, book a massage or enjoy a mani pedi with friends. Your goals are your own so set some that really push you and then others that make you feel wonderful and honor your body for working hard. 

2. Take Activated Charcoal :: I've written about the healing powers of activated charcoal before and that's because I'm a huge fan. Activated charcoal is the most ancient detoxifying ingredient known to man. It's been used in Chinese medicine and ayurveda for thousands of years. When activated charcoal enters the body it binds to toxins that can then only be excreted through the bowels. So, it's great way to jumpstart after a night of unhealthy foods, too much alcohol or if you're just trying to clean out your body. *Activated charcoal may bind to any supplements or medications that you take so don't take it if you're on any sort of medicine or important supplements. Also, consult a doctor if you're on any serious medication before you use charcoal. 

3. Add in Nutrients :: During a jumpstart, I do everything I can to add in more leafy greens, healthy fats and water. I do this so that things like sugar, alcohol and carbs don't have room in my diet. When you're able to focus on nutrients like coconut oil, whole eggs, kale, grass fed beef and organic whole chocolate, there isn't room for some of the unhealthier foods that make you feel sluggish. So, rather than declare that you will no longer eat sugar or carb laden foods, declare that you will do everything that you can to eat yummy, whole foods instead. It's all about perspective! 

4. Stimulate Your Lymphatic System :: Your lymphatic system is what helps eliminate toxins from you body so it's incredibly important for a jumpstart. Some great ways to stimulate it include exercise, sweating in a sauna, dry brushing or jumping on a trampoline. Trampolines are an amazing way to get your lymphatic system going so go enjoy a 5-10 minute bounce and take a trip down memory lane! 

5. Get Uncomfortable ::  A jumpstart shouldn't be a huge struggle, nor should you feel deprived but it's also not a walk in the park. If it were easy, everyone would do it. The only way to form new habits and really change your body and mind is to get a little bit uncomfortable. When I say uncomfortable, it means that I want you to stretch yourself a little bit every day. This could mean that you focus on adding in 1-2 new veggies that you've never cooked or that you spend an extra 10 minutes in the morning preparing lunch. It could also mean adding a new exercise class to your routine or maybe you opt for Perrier at your next happy hour instead of a glass of wine. Rather than think or talk about healthy change, actually implement it during your jumpstart and notice how you feel. It's during transition and change that we make the most progress.