1.    Eat Umeboshi Plums- Are you planning to go out for a big meal or have some drinks this weekend? Try to eat some umbeshi plums before you do. Umboshi works to help your body get back to an alkaline state which helps with hangovers, bloating and that sick feeling you get after bad food or too many drinks. 

2.    Olive Oil Can Be Toxic- I’m a big fan of olive oil on salads or splashed over cooked food. I’m not a fan of using olive oil to cook. When olive oil is heated to its smoking point, which is very low, it creates free radicals that damage cells and cell membranes in your body. AKA- it becomes toxic. Cook with grass-fed butter or coconut oil if you’re cooking at high heat or add some water to your olive oil to bring the overall smoke point down. 

3.    Eat Fruit Alone- If you’re going to enjoy some fruit, do your best to eat it alone. When you eat fruit with other carbs or proteins, it ferments in the stomach which causes bloating and lots of uncomfortable symptoms. 

4.    Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen- You don’t have to buy all of your vegetables organic. Save money by not buying these 15 veggies organic since they have the smallest number of pesticides. These 12 veggies have the highest number of pesticides amongst all vegetables, so do your best to buy these organic. 

5.    Color Has An Impact- Ever notice how much red is used in fast food restaurants? That’s because it makes you eat more. Try to buy blue or white plates. Also smaller plates make it look like you’re eating more.

6.    Improve Digestion and Glycemic Load- Adding vinegars, citrus like lemon, mct oil and fermented foods to your meals can help you digest them more easily and help with glycemic load. Try adding some lemon to your salmon or add apple cider vinegar to your salad dressing. 

7.    Fancy Up Your Fridge- How pretty does the inside of your fridge look? If your food and fridge don’t look pretty then you won’t want to eat the food. Take your veggies out of their brown bags and place them in a cold cup of water so they stay fresh. Throw out old food, place items in clear containers and keep your fridge organized. When food looks pretty, you’ll want to eat it!