Fitness can be really intimidating. For one reason or another, almost everyone goes through periods in their life where exercise is no longer a priority. It could be that you've started a new job, just had a baby, moved or you're just really burned out. Whatever the reason, it happens!

Getting back into the gym or beginning to workout at all can seem like a really big endeavor. So, today, I'm laying out a weeks worth of "get back at it" workouts to ease the intimidation and get you motivated. What I love about these "workouts" is that they can be done anywhere and at any time.

Most people go into exercise with an all or nothing mentality. You are either at the gym for an hour, five days a week, or you don't go at all. Well guess what, that's a super old way to think about exercise and it's not effective. Move your body, even just a little bit every day and you will start to see changes, guaranteed. 

This week of workouts is great for beginners, people with little to no time, on a business trip or looking to get back to exercising after a long time away from it. These workouts will ease your body back into feeling what it's like to get your heart pumping, legs moving and mind clear! 

The workouts are broken out so that you are doing one movement per day. Feel free to break each movement up however you like. For example, on Monday, you can wake up and start with 50 squats. You can do another 50 before you leave for work, 50 more at lunch time and then your last 50 when you're home from the office. What's so great is that this can all be done in your hotel room, office, living room....heck, you could do this in a bathroom stall! With the sprints, try sprinting about 50 yards; that's half of a football field. Start with a flatter surface if you can and make sure you are taking plenty of rest between each sprint so that you can go all out. 

Leave your comments or questions below and let me know what you think about this beginners workout! You've got this!