I want to tell you a story. For years, when the weather started to heat up, I'd get this little anxious bug that would start to creep up on me. I knew that it was time to get into a bikini, flaunt short shorts and teeny tiny dresses, and to be honest, it made me really anxious! As soon as Memorial Day was over I would force myself into some kind of crash diet and up my cardio like crazy, all in hopes of feeling confident and happy in my bikini come 4th of July. How many of you feel like you're in the midst of this right now? 

After years of doing this, I finally said ENOUGH! Losing weight and feeling great shouldn't be this hard. And trust me, it isn't when you have the right tools, nourish your body with the right foods and support your mind with love and care. That is exactly what my 10 Day Refresh will give you. 

This Refresh begins on Monday, June 20th and is all about helping you look AND feel your very best this summer. No anxiety required!

No, this is not some crazy crash diet were you're starving all the time or just drinking juice. This is a holistic, natural, fulfilling way to get your body and your brain right where you want them to be...happy and healthy. 

Unlike other cleanses or detoxes, this program teaches you to make educated, healthy food choices while also challenging you to take a look internally to see how you connect with your body. Why? Because love is an essential ingredient in a healthy body and mind. When we love ourselves, we are prompted to take loving action on our behalf like eating well and exercising. When we feel fulfilled, confident and loved we reach for good food. When we are stressed, exhausted and lonely, we reach for bad food.

This Refresh is 10 Days, available all online and will help you make lasting health changes. You'll get a full nutrition guide, daily challenges to help improve confidence and get you outside your comfort zone, exclusive workouts, access to my private Facebook Group and incredibly tasty recipes. Plus, you'll get a major discount on Blue Print juice and be entered to win some other great prizes! 

Now, through Tuesday, July 14th I'm offering you my Refresh at a very special price of $24.95. Then, after Tuesday, it goes back up to its regular price of $34.95. So, if you're looking for a healthy, healing and energizing way to look and feel your very best come 4th of July, this 10 Day Refresh is for YOU! When you sign up, you'll get access to all of the materials right away so that you're prepped and ready when we all start together on Monday, June 20th.  

Get some more information and any linger questions answered by visiting The 10 Day Refresh Page. I can't wait to go on this journey with you and cheers to your health and happiness! xo