I get these types of questions from people a lot: "What do you eat every day? Do you ever splurge? Do you drink wine? How do you manage eating during the holidays?" So, after much ado, I thought I'd share a peak into my wellness over the last four days.

What we eat becomes our blood, brain and skin so it is something that I take pretty seriously, but I do enjoy treats here and there because frankly, wine and dessert are super good! But, if I am going to indulge, I try to prioritize something else like sleep, drinking lemon water or getting in an extra workout.

Monday through Thursday I'm normally at little bit stricter in terms of what I eat and then on the weekends I allow myself a little bit more wiggle room. So, after this weekend I"ll share my wellness diary with you so that you can get a deeper dive into how I try to manage weekends and more parties. 

Please note that each and every one of us is built differently, so what works for me may not work for you. That's why it's so important to stay in tune with what you need or work with a professional that can guide you towards the right food and lifestyle choices. 

I'd love to hear what works well for you and how you manage the holidays. I hope that this little dive into my week is helpful. Please ask questions below! 

Monday :: 

6AM Wakeup -> Immediately drank warm water with lemon and cayenne. Followed this with matcha green tea and a splash of cream. 

7-745AM -> Gym. I did some bodyweight exercises followed by a short circuit and then some stretching. 

745-8AM-> Sat in the steam room at the gym and meditated for about 15 minutes

830AM -> Breakfast :: Three egg cups that I'd made Sunday night. They were full of veggies, turmeric and organic sausage. 

12:45PM -> Lunch :: Large salad from Roam burger. The salad had turkey and avocado on it with persimmons, carrots and tomatoes. 

3:30PM -> Trilogy flavored kombucha

7PM -> Dinner :: Leftover steak from dinner with melted butter on top. Brussel sprouts and avocado on the side. 

930PM -> Got in bed to read and relax. 

10PM -> Lights out and asleep 

This was my leftover steak and brussels that I had for dinner Monday night. Lots of melted butter on top! 

This was my leftover steak and brussels that I had for dinner Monday night. Lots of melted butter on top! 

Tuesday :: 

6:45AM Wakeup -> Immediately drank warm water with lemon and cayenne, then made some bulletproof green tea. You'll notice that I haven't been drinking coffee this week. I'm experimenting to see how my body does with less caffeine in its system. I'm suffering from some adrenal fatigue right now and I think my body does better without coffee. 

800AM -> Breakfast :: Three egg cups from the same batch that I'd made Sunday night. I added a little guac on top. 

10:30AM -> I was still hungry so I had a bulletproof vanilla protein bar

1:45PM -> Lunch :: Since I'd had such a big breakfast I had a smaller lunch. Small piece of salmon with asparagus and peppers and then a kombucha. 

8PM -> Dinner :: BBQ'd chicken (marinated in coconut aminos) with butternut squash and broccoli. 

930PM -> I was exhausted on Tuesday so I went to bed early. 

Wednesday :: 

6:00AM Wakeup -> Drank warm water with lemon and cayenne. Then made some matcha green tea and added a splash of cream. 

7-745AM -> Gym. I did single leg squats, push ups, lunges and snatch squat press. Today was more of my lifting day although I didn't go very heavy. I'm trying not to do very rigorous workouts right now because that too may be contributing to my adrenal fatigue (I'll explain this later in another post). 

745-8AM-> Sat in the sauna at the gym and did a little bit of meditation. 

830AM -> Breakfast :: Three egg cups from the same batch that I'd made Sunday night. As you can see, I'm a bit of a creature of habit on the weekdays. I'll normally bake up some kind of breakfast on Sunday nights and eat that every morning during the week. 

1:00PM -> Lunch :: Chipotle salad. It was just lettuce, veggies, chicken, guacamole and salsa. 

6PM -> Since I knew I was going to book club I had a kombucha and an epic bar. Normally it's hard for me to eat at book club because not a lot is gluten free so I had this little snack just in case.

7-9PM -> Book club! I had two glasses of red wine, some olives and carrots. 

1030PM -> Bed time!

Thursday :: 

7:30AM Wakeup -> I slept in a little bit this morning since I was up a little bit late the night before and had some drinks. I could tell that my body was pretty run down from the week too so I gave it some extra rest. 

800AM -> Breakfast :: Three egg cups with some guac on top. 

1:30PM -> Lunch :: Roam salad again! Salad topped with turkey, a fried egg and lots of veggies. 

8:30PM -> Dinner :: We met up with some friends and went to dinner at Trader Vic's in Emeryville (close to Oakland). It's Hawaiian food so I was worried about being able to get something gluten free and fairly healthy but it was actually really easy! I ordered the organic half chicken with no soy glaze and subbed sautéed spinach for the potatoes. Then I also had about 2.5 glasses of red wine....okay maybe 3 :) 

11:00PM -> Bed time!