I've got a lot of love for good food, quality ingredients and wellness promoting brands. But, as we all know, there is a lot of crap out there that is marketed to us as being "healthy" and "healing" but is really full of sugar, preservatives and chemicals. So, the health world can be really hard to navigate! After many requests from clients and readers, I've decided that every Friday I will share some of my absolute favorite things here on my site so that you can learn about some of the brands I really trust. These are products, foods, snacks, supplements, you name it, that I use and whole-heartedly believe in. So, lets get right to it! 

Dry Farms Wine :: There's no better way to start off my 1st Friday Favorites post than with details about wine! Wine enjoyment (in moderation) is an important part of your journey to well being (or at least I think so) but it's important to always know what you're getting and how it will affect your body. I love this wine because all of the bottles that they produce are natural, family farmed wines that are a tad lower in alcohol (about 12.5%) and also statistically sugar and carb free. These wines are made in small batches without any toxins, additives or mold. This is pretty much as healthy AND tasty as it gets. Dry farms is rigorous about their ingredients and the way that they make their wine which equals a totally soulful, healthy vino! Rejoice! Start sipping HERE


I really do love being in the kitchen but I've been all about Sunbasket recently so that I can spend more time with clients like you! 

I really do love being in the kitchen but I've been all about Sunbasket recently so that I can spend more time with clients like you! 

Sunbasket :: Game changer! Sunbasket delivers organic and non-GMO ingredients & delicious recipes to your door every week. Even better, they have gluten-Free, Paleo, & Vegetarian options. Most recipes take about 20 minutes to prepare and they give you everything you need for a really fast, yummy meal! Right now, my life is totally insane so I don't have a lot of time to get to the grocery store and cook up an elaborate meal (yes, even health coaches like me are looking for some "fast" food options). So, I've been using Sunbasket so that I have more time to work on my business and spend less time in the kitchen. Boom. Get some "fast food" HERE!

Keto // OS :: This ketone supplement is relatively new to my world but I've fallen completely in love with it. I'm not a big supplement gal; in an ideal world, we would all get everything that we need nutritionally from our food. But, in today's crazy busy world, that's not always possible. KetoOS is a supplement that puts exogenous (meaning outside of the body) ketones into your body. Ketones are amazing little acids that have been shown to radically reduce brain fog and inflammation, keep hunger at bay, give you more energy and also improve sleep. Recent studies have also shown that ketones have played a major part in helping treat and prevent things like cancer and alzheimers. I wrote a blog post on ketones earlier this week that you can check out here. I love this supplement because it gives me great energy and focus (it's a different feeling than being caffeinated) and has also significantly improved my workouts. Big bonus! Check it out HERE

Aztec Secret Clay Mask :: This is my go to face mask because it makes my skin look glowy and vibrant and the price is pretty darn amazing. The Aztec Secret Health Indian Healing Clay's package confidently claims it's the "world's most powerful facial," and I'm a BIG believer! The "secret" of this clay mask is bentonite clay, a detoxing ingredient with slightly magnetic qualities that attract and suck out the dirt and toxins hiding deep in pores. Sounds gross but it will make your skin look and feel beautiful! 


So, there you have it. Your perfect Friday night in with healthy food, a cleansing mask on your face, some delicious wine in hand and healing ketones running through your body. Sounds like a heck of a Friday night to me! 

Note :: Sometimes I do receive a small amount of money for featuring certain brands. It's part of my business and helps me continue to provide all of this wonderful content for you! I never and I mean NEVER put anything on here that I don't personally trust and use. Seriously, if you ever come over to my house then you'll see this stuff all over my kitchen and bathroom. If you dont believe me, then ask me to send you a picture!