It's time to party! The holidays are here and I'm super happy about it. I love all of the festive lights, family get togethers and of course, all of the food and drinks! But, I'll be honest, I do try to be strategic when I go to parties so that I don't go overboard and kick myself at the end of the night. Don't get me wrong, I love to have a good time and I think it's really important to enjoy the holidays and not restrict yourself too much, but the holidays is not an excuse to go totally crazy. All that does is make you feel terrible the next day which leads to less productivity; nobody has time for that. Below are some strategies that I use so that I can still enjoy parties and have a good time without completely derailing my health and wellness. Happy holidays! 

1. Bookend your holiday party with exercise: When I know that I have a holiday party in the evening I will schedule a workout for that morning and then another the morning after the party. I use Class Pass to schedule in my workouts because if you cancel within 12 hours of the class, you still have to pay! This helps hold me accountable and ensures that I don't go overboard at the party; I know that I have to get up for a workout the next morning! Bonus tip* Set your alarm on your phone for your morning workout BEFORE the party to ensure that you do actually wake up in time for class. No excuses!

2. Have a game plan: Do not, and I repeat, do not go to a holiday party hungry! The whole, "I'm not going to eat a lot today because I have a holiday party tonight" thing is completely ridiculous and will backfire on you. Please, eat something packed with healthy fats, fiber and protein before you head to your party so that you aren't ravenous when you arrive and have food to absorb your drinks. Some of my favorite pre-party snacks include an apple with almond butter, an epic jerky bar, a smoothie or a small bowl of soup! 

3. Bring your own food: Offer to bring an appetizer or side dish to the party that you are attending. Then, you will 100% have something healthy there for you to nosh on. Try my persimmon appetizer recipe or stuffed mushrooms

4. Grab a plate: Instead of nibbling away mindlessly at all of the available appetizers, place everything that you'd like to eat onto a small plate. This helps you really see how much you are eating in total. When you mindlessly nibble, you could end up eating 7 of those crostinis without even realizing it. #nobueno

5. Keep it simple: When it comes to cocktails, less is more. Don't add fancy juices or sweeteners to cocktails, instead opt for mixers like club soda, kombucha or fresh lemon or lime juice. Trust me, your body and your brain will thank you in the morning!