As promised, here is a follow up post with details from my weekend. I'd love to hear your weekend tips and tricks to stay on track and how you're managing all of your holiday parties. Please leave comments or ask questions below! 

Friday :: 

745AM Wakeup -> I was out late on Thursday night at Trader Vic's so I decided to get in some extra sleep. After I got up I had some warm lemon in water.

830AM -> Breakfast:: Bulletproof matcha green tea followed by my last three egg cups for the week. 

10:30AM-> I was still hungry so I had part of a chicken breast from a few nights before. 

1PM -> Lunch :: I wasn't really hungry for lunch today so I just made another bulletproof green tea and had a small chicken epic bar. 

5-6PM -> Gym. Today I did single leg squats, box jumps, push ups and pull ups. I followed that circuit with 2 sets of planks. 

6-630PM -> Sat in the sauna for about 20 minutes and did some meditating

8PM -> Dinner :: Dinner out was a grass fed burger with no bun topped with bacon and avocado. I also had a side of brussel sprouts and one glass of red wine. 

10PM -> Lights out and asleep. I'm always so tired on Friday evenings! 

Saturday :: 

7AM Wakeup -> Normally I really try to sleep in on the weekends but I was up early naturally this morning. I woke up and has some green tea and meditated for about 30 minutes. It was so relaxing!  

830AM -> Bulletproof green tea and one egg cup. 

930-1130AM-> Gym. I did intervals on the erg (30 seconds on and then 30 seconds off for about 15 minutes). Then I did a yoga class from 10-1130. 

11:30AM -> One hard boiled egg. 

12-1PM -> I decided to treat myself today and scheduled an hour massage at Massage Envy. It was amazing! Massage is not only a great way to relax but is also a wonderful way to detox the body. 

1:30PM -> Breakfast :: Steel cut oats with coconut oil, protein powder, walnuts and coconut flakes. 

430PM -> I was doing some baking for a party later on in the evening so I had a slice of my coconut flour bread (recipe to come later). *I also took some activated coconut charcoal because I was headed to a holiday party where I knew I'd be indulging in a few cocktails. 

7PM-930PM-> Dinner :: Holiday dinner at my sisters house. For appetizers, I had a small piece of my coconut bread, a couple of slices of sweet potato with guacamole on top and then a couple of pieces of BBQ'd shrimp. Dinner was BBQ'd chicken with sliced sweet potatoes and roasted veggies. Then I had one almond and coconut flour chocolate chip cookie (this recipe will be up later too). I also had 3 glasses of red wine.

10PM -> Holiday Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Once I arrived there I ordered tequila on the rocks with lime juice and a splash of triple sec. Then I had another half a glass of white wine. 

2:30AM -> Sleep. This was a late one!

All dressed up before the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I opted for the Christmas onesie instead of an ugly sweater because going out in your pajamas is always a good idea! 

All dressed up before the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I opted for the Christmas onesie instead of an ugly sweater because going out in your pajamas is always a good idea! 


Sunday :: 

10:45AM Wakeup -> After last night I needed a ton of rest. Right when I woke up I had lemon water with cayenne and took another activated charcoal tablet to cleanse from the night before. 

11AM -> Bulletproof green tea.

1145-1PM-> Gym. I did a body weight circuit for about 35-40 minutes followed by 20 minutes of intervals on the erg. Then I stretched for a long time to cool down. 

1:30PM -> Breakfast :: You'll notice that I fasted for a while this morning. One some weekend mornings, especially after a big night out, I'll start my day with a bulletproof and fast until the afternoon. I only do this if my body doesn't feel hungry or shaky. So, I broke my fast around 130PM with steel cut oats mixed with coconut oil, protein powder, walnuts and goji berries. 

3:30PM -> I snacked on some organic pork rinds from 4505 meats (these are amazing if you haven't tried them) and then had some carrots with guacamole. I also tried out a new recipe for sweet potato chips so naturally I snacked on those too. 

5:30PM -> Organic reishi mushroom hot chocolate. It's really healing and very tasty. If you want to buy it click HERE and use code "darbyjackson" for 15% off. I love all of their teas. 

7PM -> Dinner :: BBQ'd lamb with roasted broccoli and a big salad full of red bell peppers and avocado. 

9:30PM -> In bed and asleep. After Saturday night I needed some rest! 


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