There's a lot of debate out there around protein. How much do you need? What is the best source? Should it be all plant based? Do I consume it pre or post workout? The bottom line with any nutritional decision that you make is that it makes YOU feel good. Everyone is different and each and every persons body responds differently to various foods. Some people flourish on a vegan diet while others do incredibly well on a high protein diet! So, the important thing to remember here is what works for you. 

With that being said, in this week's KTVU Channel 2 news segment, I walk you through what has worked best for me and what kind of recommendations I make based on results I've seen from my programs and clients. I hope that this helps you flourish and feel wonderful!

How much protein do you need? What are the best sources? Find out in this week's KTVU Channel 2 News Segment!