You know that rush you get when you're shopping a sale on Black Friday or see that your favorite pair of shoes just went on sale? I had that feeling today;  your heart starts fluttering, you get kind of nervous excited and a rush of energy surges through you...but I was at a health food cafe. Yes, I know, weird, but that's how AMAZING this place that I visited today was.

Food, for me, can be even more fun than a pair of designer shoes on sale (well...maybe not Louboutin's, I mean who are we kidding, but almost anything else). Unfortunately, finding fresh, prepared food in cafes and restaurants, even in the Bay Area, can be quite a challenge. So, when I find a place in line with my health and wellness beliefs, it's time to get down on my knees and praise God, or Buddha or the food god's. Whatever floats your boat. I just want to thank someone for what is the amazing Mission Heirloom Cafe in Berkeley. 

This cafe/restaurant is completely gluten and grain free, so friendly for all you celiacs and paleo lovers out there, and stocked with healthy food options. I decided not to sit down to eat because I had just finished lunch an hour or so before, but HAD so take a few things home from their little market. I decided on some Bulletproof Brain Octane and coffee beans, their famous Yucan Chips (try them for changers), chicken bone broth and then some all natural deodorant. All natural beauty products, especially deodorant that actually works, can be really hard to find. So when I came across Schmidt's natural deodorant in lavender I just about flipped. Love this stuff! 

No, this post isn't sponsored. I'm just high on life that I found a cafe next to me with incredible organic, gluten free, grain free, grass-fed and local food. Oh and how could I forget, they also serve bulletproof coffee! If you're ever looking for me, I'll probably be hanging out at Mission Heirloom. Bonus, they are getting their liquor license in the next week or two...PERFECTION! 


Upgrade your brain and your body at Mission Heirloom.