Rest and rejuvenation seem to be lost words these days. Many of us work constantly, whether that is in an office, a classroom, as a new mother or simply because our phones are constantly in our hands. We are stretching ourselves thin while still trying to exercise, have a social life and remain somewhat sane.
The art of rest and taking care of our bodies has been replaced with energy drinks, processed food in bags and dark circles under our eyes. Now, I understand that our busy lives aren’t slowing down anytime soon. We all have huge to-do lists and whether we are energized or not, those tasks still need to get done. So this week I shared 4 ways to increase your energy over on the MNT Studios blog so that you can take on the day, and then some.

1. Dry Brush

This invigorating detox method stimulates the lymphatic system and leads to less inflammation, more weight loss, better circulation, glowing skin and—yes—more energy! Once you try it, this 2-minute daily routine will become an invaluable part of your day. Start at your feet with a stiff wooden brush like this one and brush upwards toward your heart. The chest is where the lymphatic system drains so it’s important to always brush in that direction. Brush your entire body at least once per day for optimal results. Dry brushing can create a lot of natural energy so I suggest that you don’t do it close to your bedtime.

2. Generate Energy

You want to know what all top performers have in common? They don’t have energy; they generate energy. You are the power plant for your own energy and are therefore responsible for creating it yourself. So don’t play victim to what you feel might be a lack of energy. Instead, do what it takes to generate as much energy as possible. Eat well, get good sleep, meditate, take a walk and care for your body. Then know that you have the control to take yourself from an energy level of 3 to a level 8 within seconds. Studies done with high performers show that taking just a moment to evaluate your energy on a scale from 1-10 and then telling yourself that you’re taking it up 3 numbers results creates a huge spike in actual energy. So remember, you don’t have energy; you generate it.

3. Sleep

It seems that getting less sleep has become something to brag about in our society. If you aren’t sleeping then you must be doing something very important like running a large company or preparing for a big presentation. Well, lack of sleep is really nothing to boast about. Lack of sleep negatively impacts our mood and our ability to make decisions, to focus, and to access higher cognitive function. Bill Clinton famously said, “Every important mistake I’ve made in my life, I’ve made because I was too tired.” Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep every night, even if that means cutting studying short or postponing a meeting. That is, if you want to get things done effectively.

4. Drink Lemon and Cayenne

Drinking warm water with lemon and cayenne in the morning is a great way to get your body and metabolism going. Doing this every day stimulates your liver, which helps in the detoxification process. This leads to better elimination in the morning, clearer skin and—yes—more energy!


xo Darby!