There are many out there that would argue that routine is lethal; I agree, when used incorrectly, routine can be a slow death. But, I also truly believe that routine is key to winning your day and when done right, makes you more powerful than you know. 

About 4 months ago, when I finally left my full time job to purse the entrepreneur life (holy moly, scary) I learned quickly that I needed to implement a solid routine so that I could execute on my day. I probably should have done this earlier, when I was working my regular job, but working alone made me realize JUST how important it is. 

I started listening to podcasts and talks from really successful entrepreneurs like Brendon Burchard, Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo to get some productivity insight. And guess what they all said? A morning routine was one of the major keys to their success. Whether the routine was just a quick 20 minutes or a full 2 hours, the most productive people in the world have some kind of morning routine. 

So, why do all of these successful people have morning routines? Routine helps us focus and make the best of our natural talents; it creates our momentum for the day. It's a system that helps us hone in on our skills and what we have to offer while bringing total clarity to our mind and purpose. Plus, a solid morning routine sets you up for success the rest of the day. For example, Tim Ferris says that making his bed every single morning is a significant part of his morning routine. Why is such a simple task so important? Because it helps you start your day with a win; you're starting off on the right foot. It's just like the beginning of a race, the start is key! If you get off on the wrong foot it can mess up the entire race, or in this case, take your entire day off course. 

You may not realize it but your morning routine has the power to make or break your day. When your day starts by hitting snooze multiple times, then hopping out of bed and running around your house like a madwoman so you're not late, there's no way that will lead to success. Or even if it's the opposite; you wake up with no intention or purpose behind what needs to get done for the day, so you get lost in the drones of Facebook and Instagram for hours on end. And what have you accomplished?

So, set yourself up for success by implementing a few of these morning route strategies and see how they impact your day. You owe it to yourself to start your day off on the right foot and kick butt at everything that you do!

1. Make Your Bed

It's all about starting your day off with an accomplishment. Making your bed in the morning is the very first win that you get to check off your list. This habit takes less than 5 minutes, plus it makes your room look so much better!

2. Hydrate

Take time to sip slowly on some water or warm tea before you start drinking coffee. Your body is dehydrated first thing in the morning so give it what it needs. This act of slowing down and doing something good for your body first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day on a positive note. 

3. Get Moving

Not all of us have time for a full workout in the morning and that's ok. Try to get in a few squats before you hop in the shower or do a little bit of light stretching to wake up your body and organs. This will help increase blood flow to your brain so that you can think more clearly and strategically throughout the day. 

4. Focus on your Breath

Focus on the in and out of your breath for at least 3-4 minutes in the morning. This will help get the optimal amount of oxygen to your brain and bloodstream and also calm you down. When I'm doing this breath work I also like to visualize what my day will look like and set a positive intention. 

5. Write your List

It's easy to get lost in the drones of your email inbox for hours on end. Don't do it! Your email inbox is a place for other people's agendas, NOT your own! So, before you pop into your email in the morning, write out a list of things that you need to get done that day. What are your priorities? Once you are clear on what needs to get done for the day you can check your email. But, if you're the kind of person that can get lost in there for hours, set an alarm to bring yourself back to your list. 

Your morning routine can absolutely consistent of more that what I've shared with you above; it's completely up to you! The intent here is for you to really think about what you can do to set yourself up for success each and every day. I'd love to hear more about your morning routine in the comments below!