This weekend is all about self love. Treat yourself to a massage, drink a nice glass of red wine and relish in how beautiful and strong your body and mind are. Take a second to think about where your gorgeous body has taken you in this life and give it a big hug and a thank you. Many times we search outside of ourselves for love when all we really need to do is love ourselves a little bit more. Then, just like the law of attraction says, more love comes into our lives. 

So, I'm all about the self love over this long weekend. Here's a fast fire of how I take care of my body, mind and spirit so that I am ready to give and receive love. How are you loving on yourself this weekend? 

Simplest Way to Improve Health ::


Balanced Breakfast ::

My awaken cereal = perfect balance of fat, protein and fiber

Beauty Routine :: 

Dry brush and sauna most mornings followed by a cold shower to really wake me up. I like to use Dr. Bronners soap on my body, then, when I do wash my hair (which is normally only once a week) I use Andalou Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner. To keep my hair from looking greasy I use Acure natural dry shampoo. Then, I slather some coconut oil on my face and body and let it dry for a couple of minutes before getting dressed. 

Daily Supplements ::

Vitamin D, probiotic, magnesium, ashawaganda, dandelion root, Young Living essential oils.

Favorite Healthy Restaurant ::

Mission Heirloom in Berkeley. To die for!

Go To Workout ::

Right now I'm mixing it up with barre, HIIT and some weight training.

Favorite Way to Detox:: 

Lemon water, sauna, dry brush, colonic, repeat = detox gold!

Food I Can't Live Without :: 

Grass-fed butter. I cook everything with it!

Best Piece of Health Advice :: 

Fat is fabulous. Eat more of it! 

Trending Recipe ::

Slow cooker carne asada (recipe up on the blog soon!)

Best Way to Fend Off a Craving :: 

Cravings are important messages from our bodies, so I like to really tap into them. I normally take a minute or two to ask myself a couple of questions like; am I feeling lonely? How tired am I? Is there something emotional happening that I'm trying to ignore? Normally, cravings are just emotional voids that we think we can fill with food. 

Favorite Indulgence :: 

A massage and then a good glass of red wine

When I feel overwhelmed I :: 

Go for a walk outside or lay down and practice some deep meditation/reiki for 15 minutes. 

Mantra on Repeat :: 

I repeat this in my head when I walk down the street, before I make a presentation, or basically whenever I need to pump myself up. "I'm a kick ass woman with the power to manifest all of my goals and dreams. I am successful and will continue to attract positive energy, love and light." Self pump up talks are seriously amazing. I'm basically talking to myself like this all the time.