You know my mantra. Don't focus on the foods that you should be eliminating from your diet, instead, think about all of the wonderful things you can ADD IN! I like to turn the traditional view of "dieting" on its head in this way. The dieting and health world always focuses on what we shouldn't be eating. Don't eat gluten, stay away from sugar, eliminate dairy....Why doesn't this dieting strategy work? Because trying to lose weight by focusing on food is like trying to quit smoking by focusing on cigarettes.

When you start to think about diet and health as being inclusive rather than exclusive, it really does bring more peace of mind and therefore success. So, lets take the positive health approach this week and ADD foods in rather than focus on what to eliminate. 



1. Avocado :: All calories are not created equal. So, although avocado is high in calories, those calories do a variety of things that help promote a healthy, toned physique. The mono-unsaturated fat in avocado is what makes it such a superstar. This healthy fat helps quell hunger, lower cholesterol and even reduces belly fat. Try adding avocado to your salad or burger or even just nosh on one when you need a quick snack. 

2. Bone Broth :: Bone broth is packed full of nutrients that your body is craving. Normally, you don't get access to these rich vitamins and minerals because you aren't actually eating the bones, but with bone broth, you do! When you give your body the nutrients that it's starving for, your cravings are seriously reduced. Bone broth is also rich in glycine and magnesium which has been shown to help reduce anxiety. When you reduce your anxiety, your cortisol levels drop which helps you feel calmer and also lose weight. 

3. Lemons :: Lemons are naturally detoxifying and have an alkalizing effect on the body. This means that they bring your body back to its natural Ph, this makes them ideal for toning up and reaching a healthy weight. I drink warm water with lemon every morning right when I wake up so that I start my day clean and balanced. 

4. Whole Eggs :: Yes, whole eggs are packed with dietary cholesterol, but not the bad kind! The true villain to high cholesterol are saturated and trans fats, not dietary cholesterol. Studies have found that the healthy fat in whole eggs actually helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL). Whole eggs are also packed with choline which is a very important nutrient for brain function and the nervous system and also supports detoxification. 

5. Coconut Oil :: This stuff is liquid gold. Coconut oil contains MCTs or medium chain triglycerides which are sent directly to the liver and converted to energy rather than fat. This makes coconut oil great for sustained energy while also suppressing appetite. These MCTs also help stimulate your metabolism to help you burn fat. It's a win win! 

My belief is that eating well is all about what you choose to include into your diet rather than what you exclude. Be inclusive this week and add one of these foods into your diet every day to see how you feel!