It's almost the weekend!!! Time to relax, get some extra sleep, spend time with friends and family and maybe enjoy and drink or two! 

When most people begin implementing healthier choices into their lives they think that it means no alcohol of any kind, ever again. I’m a firm believer that you need to enjoy your life to be healthy and for many people that includes a drink or two. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy life without alcohol or that hitting the bar is healthier than going on a hike or getting to bed early, but for a lot of us, drinking is an integral part of our social lives and can be enjoyed moderately.

My Top 5 Drinks:

Red Wine:

This is at the top of my list because it has the greatest health benefit with the least amount of sugar, carbs and additives. 

Red wine is pretty low in sugar due to its fermentation process and is also full of antioxidants. Studies done on the diets of certain populations that live the longest and healthiest lives show that they all drink a glass of red wine several times per week, if not more. As if I needed another reason to like wine! Shoot for top shelf red wine or even better, look for organic. I love Bonterra and Frey, both available at Whole Foods

#bestsignever Drink up!

#bestsignever Drink up!


I love a good margarita, but the ones you normally order at restaurants are full of sugar and additives. When I’m out to dinner, I’ll order a margarita but ask for with just tequila, fresh lime juice and a splash of Cointreau. The Cointreau will add a little bit of sweetness but not push you overboard on the sugars. Don’t be fooled by margaritas made with agave nectar. Unfortunately, agave nectar is one of the worst types of sugar you can put in your body.It spikes insulin levels and can cause havoc in your body. If there’s a margarita on the menu with fresh lime and agave ask for almost no agave in the margarita. It will still be sweet but have way less sugar and side effects.

Darby’s Kombucharita:

This is a drink that I make if I’m at home or having friends over and so far, everyone has loved it! Here’s how I make it: 1 shot of tequila, trilogy flavored kombucha, lemon or lime and some fresh mint. This drink is SO good and tequila is actually pretty darn healthy as far as alcohol goes. But be careful, it tastes so good that the alcohol will creep up on you.

You could also do this with vodka if that’s your thing. Vodka is also a pretty clean liquor. 

Vodka Soda and a Splash of Something:

Order a top shelf vodka, (potato vodka is even better, try Chopin) and then mix it with club soda and then a splash of your favorite juice. I like grapefruit juice because it’s lower in sugar and tastes really refreshing. You could add a splash of cranberry or pineapple juice depending on what you like best. This is a great cocktail if it’s hot outside or your drinking during the day.

Modified Mojito:

I LOVE mojitos. If anyone from the Bay Area is reading this, try the mojito from the Claremont Hotel. Seriously the best ever!

Mojitos can be a little bit high in sugar, so to account for that, I’ll order a mojito but ask that they only add a tiny bit of sugar to it. A mojito is normally made with rum, club soda, sugar and the mint. So, in general, it’s pretty clean. Just ask for extra mint, less sugar and you’ll still be really happy with it!

Happy weekend and happy, healthy drinking everyone! If you try out my version of a margarita this weekend let me know what you think of it and comment below!