This week I'm leaving on a four day business trip to Orlando, Florida. I'm going to be up early, getting to bed late and running at 100 miles per minute. With that in mind, I'm doing my best to prepare by bringing quality snacks and foods with me.

When I travel for work, I normally expect to have 0-30 seconds to prep my breakfast and probably no time for lunch. With that in mind, I like to bring foods along that travel well and that I can eat while I'm on the go. I also really focus on eating lots of healthy fats because they help keep my brain functioning at a high level and allow me to go longer between meals since they are so filling.  

Depending on where I'll be traveling, I pack my snacks accordingly. For some place like Orlando, where I won't have access to a car and am pretty much stuck in a convention center, I know that I need to be armed with a lot of snacks. If I'm traveling but will have access to a car or know there is a great Whole Foods or health food store nearby then I can pack a little bit lighter and easily access the food that I love. So, I always suggest doing some research before your business trip to see whats walkable or easily accessible food wise and then plan accordingly. 

To help prepare you for your next business trip, convention or even just a weekend away for the kids soccer tournament, I'm sharing my top tips and snacks for total success!

Snacks ::

  •  "Cereal" :: Before I leave on this trip I'll pack little plastic bags full of my pre-made cereal. I prep these little baggies before I go with protein powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries and maca. Then, when I'm ready for breakfast in the hotel, I'll pour them into a to-go mug and add some of the boxed coconut milk you also see below. It's so easy and you can eat it running out the door. 
  • Cashew Butter :: I love cashew butter because it's so full of healthy fats and keeps you feeling energized and thinking clearly all day. I'll add some of this to my morning "cereal" or just eat a quick spoonful as a snack when I'm on the run. Almond butter, macadamia nut butter or walnut butter are also great alternatives. 
  • Kale Chips :: I'm a huge packaged kale chips fan, but make sure you buy the right brand. Some have added sugar which is never good. Try THIS brand. Just one word of caution, these suckers really get stuck in your teeth after you eat them so don't plan on giving any big presentations right after. Swish some water around in your mouth to make sure you don't have any kale stuck in your teeth!
  • Macadamia Nuts :: Another great snack to put in your purse and eat on the run. I love macadamias because they have the highest healthy fat content of any nut so they are guaranteed to fuel you all day. 
  • Go Raw Flax Seed Chips :: I love THIS brand and flavor because they taste like pizza. These are great to eat with avocado or guac if you have access to that, but if not, just enjoy as a snack alone. 
  • 4505 Chicarrones :: Yes, that's right, pork rinds! Now, all pork rinds are not created equal so please don't go buy the ones at the AM/PM across the street. 4505 makes an amazing and incredibly tasty rind from organic pigs and then amazing quality ingredients. These are such a tasty, filling snack and awesome substitute for crappy chips. You can find these at most Whole Foods stores. 
  • Olli Salumeria Salami Snacks :: Love these little guys. Olli has created mini salami morsels in a tiny package that fit easily in your purse or briefcase. Perfect for a mid day snack and protein boost. These are also available at most Whole Foods
  • So Delicious Lite Coconut Milk :: I never, ever recommend that my clients drink anything with the words "lite" on it, but So Delicious has proved me wrong! This tasty coconut milk is organic and has no weird added ingredients, so it's perfect to add to coffee or my morning "cereal". 

Other Travel Tips for Success ::

1. Take Your Supplements :: Traveling and working nonstop can be really hard on your body. That's why I always travel with a few essential supplements to make sure I'm running at 100%. I always travel with my Magnesium Calm drink which I take every night (find it HERE). This drink helps me relax and ensures a good night sleep. I also always travel with a good probiotic and then Vitamin D. 

2. Get in a Quick Workout :: Normally, on a business trip, there isn't time for a full blow workout. Instead, I like to set a goal for myself to do 100 squats or 100 push ups throughout the day. So, for example, I'll wake up and get in 30 squats, fit in another 30 before lunch and then my last 40 before dinner. It's as easy as that!

3. Do Some Research :: Do a little research on the area that you'll be in to see if there's a Whole Foods or natural grocery store near by. If there is, try to get there the day that you arrive and stock up on some snacks and perishables to keep in the hotel fridge. It may seem like a bit of a hassle to start but you'll be so happy when you're feeling energized and full of healthy foods in the middle of your trip.