DARBY JACKSON empowers you through food and Fitness to become the best version of yourself 

Discover a full-range of health and wellness services built to fit your individual needs.  

A 10-Day online jumpstart to help you tone up, increase energy and finally break that sugar addiction. 

Darby gives one-on-one attention to each and every client and develops unique customized programs based on personal needs and goals.

Darby is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She trains clients one on one or in groups.

Here's what people are saying

Words can’t describe my gratitude towards Darby, the Refresh, and the ladies that participated. The never ending support and incredible resources made this refresh fly by. What really drew me in was the simplicity of the meals, challenges and goals. This wasn’t just a quick way to loose some weight. This was a way to understand your body and find what it truly needs. Not what sugar or carbs are telling your body it needs! I recommend this refresh to everyone. It is not a constricting starvation diet we are accustomed to. It feeds your body and gives you endless energy. It also allows you to sit back and think about you for a change. On top of all of that the support system set up makes it impossible for you to cheat! I loved it so much I’m still going and looking to make this a full lifestyle change. THANK YOU DARBY! You are amazing at what you do :)
— Blake M., Marketing, Age 24
Back when we first started meeting with you I honestly didn’t think I’d see 150 any time soon, much less a mere 6 months later. I’m truly blown away by how well we’ve done under your program and how great we’re feeling these days. We’re both down almost 40 lbs to date — THANK YOU!!
— Julie K., Senior Director, Fortune 15 company
By the end of day 10 I was down 3 lbs and fat decreased 1.4%. I also noticed that my intense cravings had really dissipated by the end of the Refresh. My mornings didn’t feel like a battle and it was easier to get my day started.
— Kari J., Engineer for Tech Startup
Do the 10 Day Refresh!! It works and you will feel fantastic!!! I did not feel hungry or deprived but satisfied, energized and happy!
— Erin R., Real Estate Agent, Age 29
To be able to say I am truly happy is the biggest accomplishment. I no longer focus on my body image, or pleasing other people, or eating a limited amount, or always squeezing that 2 hour work out in. I’ve loosened up. I have Darby to thank for that.
— Brigitte L., Student, Age 20