10 Day Refresh


Do you feel puffy and exhausted all of the time? 

Are you tired of dieting and detoxing to lose weight?

Do you think about food ALL the time?

Are you ready to tone up and re-energize for summer? 


The most effective way to get back in touch with your body and feel Refreshed in just 10 days. 




Get ready to transform more than just your body. Unlike other cleanses or detoxes, this program teaches you to make educated, healthy food choices while also challenging you to take a look internally to see how you connect with your body. 


Because love is an essential ingredient in a healthy body and mind. When we love ourselves, we are prompted to take loving action on our behalf like eating well and exercising. When we feel fulfilled, confident and loved we reach for good food. When we are stressed, exhausted and lonely, we reach for bad food.

Here is what you will learn during the 10-Day Refresh

  • How to stop dieting and detoxing and get to the root of your cravings
  • Nourish your body with real foods
  • Build in fun and exciting workouts by attending Mint Studios classes
  • Focus on adding foods into your diet rather than eliminating nutrition
  • How to tap into what your body is actually craving (hint, it's probably not food)
  • How to set yourself up for success and empower your body 

10-Day Refresh Package :: Here's What You Get!

  • Refresh Menu: Exclusively designed with you in mind. Every meal is laid out for you and the plan is sent as a digital download so you can access it from anywhere!
  • Refresh Recipes: Easy to cook recipes that also taste great!
  • Flexible Nutrition: Detailed nutrition information, flexible meal options and snack ideas for you busy gals on the go. 
  • Refresh Challenges: Quick daily challenges that help you get back in touch with your mind and body.
  • Special Tips and Tricks: Simple and effective ways to jumpstart your metabolism, decrease inflammation and refresh your energy levels
  • Community: When you sign up for the 10-Day Refresh you can join the exclusive community on Facebook. This is where you can connect with other #10DayRefresh gals, get support and ask questions. 
  • Prizes: One participant will win 2 free cases of BluePrint juice and everyone that signs up will receive a 20% off code good for any online purchase at Blueprint.com. Also, join us on Saturday, August 6th at Mint Studios to celebrate the end of the 10 Day Refresh! We celebrate YOU with Refresh approved BluePrint juice cocktails, raffle prizes and much more. 

How It Works

This extra special 10-Day Refresh made exclusively for Mint Studios starts on Monday, July 25th but you'll get access to the program as soon as you sign up. Plus, you will have access to it for life! That means that you will always have these recipes, meal plans and wellness challenges right at your fingertips when you need them. As part of the Refresh, you'll also be challenged to take 5 classes at Mint Studios during the 10 Days. We encourage you to check in with us instagram @_mintstudios_ and @darbyjacksonwellness with your workouts, meals and challenges using #10DayRefresh. 

If you have questions, need more support or feel stuck during the Refresh, then reach out to me with at darby@darbyjackson.com

Sample Menu and Recipes

Refresh Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I drink alcohol during the Refresh? 

Yes! In the Refresh I give you the option to choose two nights to drink up to two drinks. You can choose from the selection of beverages that I give you.    Everything is low in sugar and carbohydrates so that you still wake up feeling great. But, if you want to kick the Refresh up a notch, then I suggest that you challenges yourself to no alcohol during the 10 days. 

2. Is working out a part of the Refresh? 

Yes it is. To fully complete the Refresh you must take 5 classes at Mint Studios throughout the 10 days. Try out a pilates class or get your booty into barre!

3. I have dietary restrictions, can I still participate? 

The Refresh is gluten, grain and peanut free so it does suit many dietary restrictions. If you are a vegan or vegetarian you can still participate in the Refresh by simply making substitutions where meat is part of the meal.

4. I'm a really picky eater. What if I don't like the foods on the menu? 

Not a problem. I've provided you with an Enjoy and Avoid section with plenty of options to choose from. Stick to the foods in the Enjoy section and you'll be on your way to looking and feeling your very best! 

Still not sure? Here's what people are saying

Words can’t describe my gratitude towards Darby, the Refresh, and the ladies that participated. The never ending support and incredible resources made this refresh fly by. What really drew me in was the simplicity of the meals, challenges and goals. This wasn’t just a quick way to loose some weight. This was a way to understand your body and find what it truly needs. Not what sugar or carbs are telling your body it needs! I recommend this refresh to everyone. It is not a constricting starvation diet we are accustomed to. It feeds your body and gives you endless energy. It also allows you to sit back and think about you for a change. On top of all of that the support system set up makes it impossible for you to cheat! I loved it so much I’m still going and looking to make this a full lifestyle change. THANK YOU DARBY! You are amazing at what you do :)
— Blake, Age 24
Do this!! It works and you will feel fantastic!!! I did not feel hungry or deprived but satisfied, energized and happy!
— Erin, Age 29
The Darby Jackson Wellness 10 Day Refresh program was a phenomenal way to get back on-track in many different areas of my life. Not only did it prompt me to re-evaluate the food that I was putting in my body, it also gave me the opportunity to holistically examine and address certain behaviors that were detrimental to my overall wellness. I would highly recommend this program!
— Sasha, Age 32
By the end of day 10 I was down 3 lbs and fat decreased 1.4%. I also noticed that my intense cravings had really dissipated by the end of the Refresh. My mornings didn’t feel like a battle and it was easier to get my day started.
— Kari, Age 37
It has really forced me to rethink hunger and how to feel full with the right food, without obsessing over my food. I like food and I don’t want to think too hard about what I can and can’t have. The refresh really steered my thinking on what I can have.
— Mari, Age 28
My favorite part of the Refresh was the Eat vs Avoid section. I love learning about why certain foods should be avoided (i.e. pineapple has a lot of sugar - who knew!)
— Shannon, Age 41


Send me an email with your questions or concerns and I'll happily get back to you as soon as I can! Email darby@darbyjackson.com I look forward to hearing from you!