Weekly Workout #2

Total Body Tuesday Workout

As many rounds as you can in 15 minutes:

Row 500 M

12 box jumps (if you aren't great at box jumps, and trust me I suck, then try a lower box or just vertical jumps)

10 burpees


If you are a beginner, then take this workout a little slower. Give yourself some rest between sets and focus on height on your box jumps. Also, don't let the box jumps intimidate you too much. As a water athlete and total clutz, box jumps are really scary for me. So, I start with a small box and make sure I rest enough that I don't fall flat on my face. But, do try to push yourself and your limits. More than likely you will be pleasantly surprised! I'd love to hear your workout suggestions if you have any. Leave your ideas in the comments!